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Ratic's Tips - Asian Handicap Expert

Average Odds 1.8

The reason my tips are so accurate is because of my software program, which allows me to analyze soccer matches all over the world in a matter of minutes. I have all these wonderful statistics at my fingertips and I study and play around with them for hours to get my tips each day.

I spend 8 to 10 hours a day in my home office studying statistics. I can tell you so many obscure football statistics it would make your head spin but I consider all this information essential to me doing my job well. I think the key to being a good tipster is understanding the percentages and the key to understanding the percentages is to have lots of statistics


Average odds 1.80

Country: Czech Republic
Age: 38 years
Experience: +15 years
Field: European Major, Second, Third Tier League.

  • 431 TIPS WON
  • 130 TIPS LOST
  • +151 PROFIT

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Zinar TIPS - Total Goals Expert

Average Odds 1.8

Key to my tips strategy is "gut feeling." I'm 35 year old, I've been watching and studying football for over 30 years now. I can tell good team by watching. As student of the game, I understand momentum and other factors that influence game result.

I choose the best matches, study them and then make my picks. If you check, you will see my win percentage just as high as Artur’s – and mine going to go higher.


Average odds 1.80

Country: Belgium
Age: 35 years
Experience: +11 years
Field: Competitive Fixture, Europe & Asia League Games

  • 321 TIPS WON
  • 50 TIPS LOST
  • +251 PROFIT

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Average Odds 1.8 399 EUR
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