What is your story of buying soccer predictions for today?

Every tipster has a story to tell about football. He wants to tell about his association with soccer and describe his contribution in the growth of betting industry. And as expected from a responsible tipper, he will offer sure win soccer predictions for today. If you want to make an opinion on a tipper then you should read stories of tipsters.

Let’s see what the most important parts of their stories are

•    Portfolio: It constitutes the theme of the story. A tipper would tell why he decided to become a tipster, what was he doing before starting making tips and how is he associated with soccer. He will describe his strengths in great detail and also tell how he controls his emotions when predicting soccer predictions for today. Also, he will describe how he made a career in tipster service.

•    Past record: The tipper will take interest in describing the soccer betting odds he won. He will present himself as the highly rated tipper with a very high winning rate. If you check his strike rate, you should find it to be above 80%. Tipsters highlight their winning rate to look more reliable. They want to tell that they have more chances to predict the right outcome of any match.

•    Inside relations: The tipster will stress on his relations with bookies and try proving that he has friends in the betting syndicates. He will want you to believe that he gets secret tips from insiders and the information sourced from inside is authentic. But he will never disclose his inside connection. Inside relations are always kept secret and it is up to you to believe on his words or not.

•    Comparison: Some tipsters try highlighting their advantages by comparing their services with others. They tell what they are doing how they are doing better than others. But you should do your research before relying on the words of a tipper. 

How can you verify the words of tipsters?

•    The first thing is to read the entire story from the portfolio to comparison very carefully and try finding loopholes in the story. If the story is true, you won’t be able to find anything doubtful in his description. But if he is lying, you will find many flaws like stressing on specific points in his story.

•    The second thing is the information provided in the description. An experienced tipster would have many things to tell. He will start with his association with football and his interest in tipster service and then he will move to other parts of the story. But a fraud would try fabricating the information.

•    The third thing is to look for red flags like 100% winning guarantee. It should be clear to you that it is simply not possible to give a guarantee of 100% winning with football vvip tips 1×2.

•    The fourth thing is to remove the match-fixer from your list of tipsters. It is better to make soccer England fa cup qualification predictions instead of buying fixed-match tips. As a punter, you should display sportsman spirit in the game


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