What are the most interesting soccer betting odds?

Let’s discuss some exciting forms of football betting and the characteristics of the best football prediction site. The first and the most entertaining form of betting is 1×2 that is also called three-way betting. It can also be called natural because the answer to this bet is always straightforward.

For every 1×2 betting odd, there is a soccer prediction 1×2 and surprisingly the tipsters take guarantee of success and they are capable of providing winning tips due to the simple form of three-way betting. Once you understand the three-way gambling, you can also try breaking an odd.

Let’s simplify the 1×2 betting process

Every football match has three outcomes – Team 1 wins, Draw and Team 2 wins

The three-way betting gives three options and also gives hints. You will choose a winner or draw if you think that the contesting teams are equally powerful. The advantage of this form of betting is that it needs little calculations or research work. You can simply bet on the stronger team and wait for the result of the match to be out.

Hints for 1×2 betting

Team A -100
Team B +150
Draw +200

The odds clearly tell that the contesting teams are equal in strength but Team A has some advantages over the opponent team. It is for this reason that the first team is a favorite of bookies. If you believe in your bookmaker, you can invest in Team A or you can study the past record of contesting teams to find which one is better and why.

Halftime-Fulltime betting

Another way to make soccer betting interesting is to divide the bet into two halves. Or it would be much better to say that a match is divided into two and the bettors are provided different odds for both the halves. What makes this betting interesting is that the punters have to be correct in predicting outcomes of both the halves of the match.

Halftime/Fulltime betting is an interesting but more challenging form of betting. Punters looking for next level in betting find ht/ft betting interesting. But they never play alone. They always take help of tipsters that give correct tips only.

Mixed Parlay

This form of betting combines different bets of different matches. The matches picked for betting are not related to each other. Like ht/ft, mixed parlay also has the condition of winning all the combined bets. It is more interesting and more challenging than ht/ft betting.

Handicap betting

When a weak team plays with a stronger team, the weak contestant is provided a handicap of a goal or more depending upon its present performance. The stronger contestant has to score more goals according to the handicap goals to win the bet. Asian football prediction is available for handicap bets.

Reliable tips

The best football prediction site is one that is managed by an experienced tipper. This website would give winning tips only and it won’t make any tall claim regarding its tips. Also, you won’t find the site selling fraud tips like fixed-match betting.

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